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logo.jpgLittle Bommes' World

“Splish! Spalsh! Splosh! Help, I’m getting wet.” Mummy Duck Bommes smiles and gives him a push. Bommes, a tiny little duckling must learn to swim. Yes, even ducks must learn how to swim. Bommes splashes and paddles with all his might and after a while finds that he loves swimming. He quickly swims to a tuft of reeds. "Look Mummy, look how good I am."

"Hmmm," thinks Bommes, “what's that?" And he swims after a butterfly. "What is that? And what sort of animal could that be?” Bursting with curiosity, Bommes swims off into the big wide world. He has totally forgotten about Mummy, until suddenly ...

Little Bommes’ World is a production for preschoolers and is easily set up. It is exciting, sometimes moving and has a very happy ending.

An accompanying teaching pack is available with this production.

Little Bommes' World
Little Bommes' World
Little Bommes' World

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