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logo.jpgThere's Mummy

A production for the little ones

Mummy Owl is waiting for her egg to hatch, but she’s starting to feel hungry. Surely she can leave just for a moment.  Mummy Owl has no sooner left than the egg starts to move. And then?

The little chick has not yet hatched when ………… thud, …. thud, …thud, it falls to the ground.

When Mummy Owl returns, she sees the broken eggshell, but her chick is nowhere to be found. Where could he be? She heads off in search of her chick. She asks the other animals if they have seen him and they have, but they all disappear before Mummy Owl can ask more questions. And how does it end? Come and watch!

This production was inspired by the book “Little Owl Lost" but is not an exact copy. An accompanying teaching pack is available with the production.

There's Mummy There's Mummy There's Mummy

This production was awarded a special recognition award at ‘Spekkenfestival’, the children’s theatre festival in Ghent.
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