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logo.jpgIn Search of a Kiss

Mum and Dad say that Loes is an absolute sweetie, a little ray of sunshine nearly all the time. She's a bit like you really and could be one of your best friends. But today everything is different. Do you know that feeling? When nothing quite goes quite the way you thought? Nothing works, you’re angry or disappointed and then you do something stupid, a small mistake, nothing awful. After that it’s as if everything goes wrong, as if everyone is against you. That’s the sort of day Loes is having. And as if that weren’t enough, she has a new baby sister demanding all of Mum and Dad’s attention. That sort of a day (and yes, it has a happy ending. It really does. Right?).

This production was created as part of ‘Boekenpret’, a collaboration between libraries, Onderwijs Kansenbeleid (a charity for educational opportunities) Stichting Lezen (a charity to promote and encourage reading) and educational counseling services. Their goal is to promote reading and remove language delays in children. Ennadien makes use of several titles published by Boekenpret in this production.

This production was made possible by:
Stichting Prompt, private donors and the VSB Fonds

In Search of a Kiss
In Search of a Kiss
In Search of a Kiss

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In Search of a Kiss