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logo.jpgThe Nightingale's  Journey

Following on from her first war production Survival Figurentheater Ennadien presents another exceptional production.

The Nightingale’s Journey (10+ and family) is inspired by the impressive story told in 'The Day of the Bomb' by Karl Bruckner, combined with the story of 'The Nightingale' by Hans Christian Andersen.

In times of war everything is about power. The Emperor wants power over the nightingale. Just like the nightingale in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, our nightingale goes into hiding. The Emperor is more determined than ever, with death and destruction as a result, as he plays out his power game controlling and battering the people. It is only the love of one girl and the nightingale that can overcome death and war.

Ennadien completes her collection with this truly beautiful family production, demonstrating exceptional acting talent, overwhelming creativity expressed in every detail of the puppets and scenery, and an equally sensitive use of musical accompaniment. ‘The Nightingale’s Journey’ shows just how much puppet theatre has to offer: a compelling, funny, contemporary fairytale capable of capturing anyone’s imagination. It is reality artfully packaged for both young and old.

Press Reviews: “Ennadien?  A gem of a performer ..." (Figeuro, the journal of dolls and puppets). “The pain of war in child-friendly packaging. Artful use of light, music, puppets and scenery." (De Volkskrant).

After the première, Luk Bruyker, director of ‘The Nightingale’s Journey’ sent the following reaction:

Dear Ennadien,
I was just 12 when I first played "Nightingale".
Still too small to work the puppets and grab the nightingale’s whistle at the same time ... and later ... the nightingale itself ... and now, years later, the responsibility of ensuring this beautiful bird a safe flight and a safe landing.
It is such a very sad story ... and is beautifully portrayed in your hands.
It has been a privilege ... let him fly ... hopefully crossing many borders ... even in sadness, beauty can found.

Enjoy and perform
Ghent, October 2014

The Nightingale's Jouney
Reaction Luk de Bruyker

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